FREUD. love, MoMA

Bella, 1987

The Museum of Modern Art‘s website is really quite full of interesting stuff!  Granted, I’m not a gigantic fan of all their infamous “modern” content, but it’s really fascinating to see how technologically savvy museums have become.  There are a load of different interactive multimedia channels on the site (whoa), and I immediately zoomed in on the one featuring Lucien Freud‘s etching and paintings.

Not only does the site feature some fantastic reproductions of his works, there are photos of Freud himself at work! It’s always nice to see the eyes behind the creation.  The MoMA includes a few little chapters or sections to divide the images, each with a brief description, a couple quotes from the artist, AND a short audio recording of Freud speaking about the topic.

Overall, I really adore Freud’s work.  There is such movement in every inch of the body! Every face is a landscape.  The excitement of his brushstrokes, contrast of skin tones, and the odd angles of observation make even a simple portrait something fascinating. My favorite pieces are those in which he approaches the background with as much care as the foreground. That isn’t to say that the background has the same amount of detail but that he considers it with the foreground.  In some works, the background is blank, and the subject seems to be floating in space.  Or the texture behind the figure is so simple and abandoned that it sticks out as being entirely separate from the subject.  Suddenly, there are two paintings in one frame (or two frames of mind in one painting).  Yet, even when this occurs, there remains significant value in the painting, because he so successfully transfers his own fascination with bodily contours to viewer.  Beautiful!


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