Everything Vincent Van Gogh for your research

Just came across this site, endorsed by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam! If you are in need of Van Gogh works, paintings or otherwise, THIS is the place to go. It’s a modest site, but oh-so thorough and comprehensive, including all of Van Gogh’s known Art and letters. Works themselves are divided either by medium, chronologically, or subject matter, and then alphabetically. The images are nice, though the quality does not allow for extreme detail. Color harmony is pretty decent, though. [note: I tend to judge by “The Portrait of Doctor Gachet”. I studied it for a

Portrait of Dr. Gachet, 1889

while in Paris, and the effects of those colors are embedded within me. For the most part, it was the doctor’s ice blue eyes, and I find that a majority of reproductions in books don’t quite seem to get it right. If a photographer can produce a product with the right shade of his eyes, then I trust their photos a bit more.  Check out the work below.]

In case your research requires real-life viewing (because seeing a work in person is a whole different beast!), there is “World Map of Paintings” feature that marks where one can find Van Gogh’s paintings in the world.  Zoom in on your area and see exactly which paintings are on view in which museums.  Nice, eh?

Any mention of Van Gogh books, films, and multimedia is recorded, as well as a biography of the artist, auctions, and cultural events. The site master himself concedes that he needs more commentary and analysis, but he claims to be adding more of this on regular basis.  I guess that’s all that’s left after uploading every single Van Gogh painting and sketch and letter.

Self Portrait, 1889


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