INFOGRAPHIC: Periodic Table of Storytelling

Periodic Table of Storytelling


A useful (and clever) tool for writers of literature, lyrics, and limericks alike! This neat little interactive infographic from tv tropes is a compendium of the parts and structures of a story, including:
– Structure
– Setting, laws, plots, story modifiers
– Plot devices
– Heroes
– Character Modifiers
– Archetypes
– Villains
– Metatropes
– Production
– Fandom and Audience Reactions

If click on an element, you are directed to a more in-depth description and discussion on that particular topic.

Try to break the narrative down and make a simple story molecule (examples provided under the periodic table). For example:

Periodic Table of Storytelling examples

Use it to inspire your inner author or even help guide critiques of other writers’ work. After all, clipping away extraneous details to the plot’s bare bones can reveal a wealth of untapped connections between stories from different decades and genres.


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