This blog’s investigations into the history and modernity of Art are operating under the belief that there is such a thing as Art (and therefore there are creations that are not).

Where do we draw the line?

Good question. In fact, there are hundreds of good questions that concern the nature of Art. It is a messy process, attempting to sort out the bits and pieces of the puzzle. Messy and frustrating, and yet I just can’t get enough. After all, Art has played a significant role in the history of mankind, and I think one can learn a lot about the present by examining the Artwork of the past. There must be something to them, those works that have managed to seize the hearts of people for centuries.

This blog attempts to reach out and collect: artwork and aesthetic philosophies; scientific material on the brain, vision, emotion, etc.; the words of artists and art historians; various media, from video to radio; and personal musings.

I should note that Art is generally believed to be subjective. If my ideas tend away from this, just remember that…well…to you, they are just personal opinions about Art. And I respect that. I’m not trying to persuade people to see things my way but to share the way I have chosen.

I am an oil painter/guitarist who believes that true Art is a rare achievement. The days usually pass with an embarrassing portion of my time spent thinking about the subject. I noticed a while ago that my interior dialogues were becoming a wee bit circular, so I decided to record my findings/revelations and make an active search of it! I hope that all the scraps of my queries might come together into some reasonably semi-solid understanding of ART. Or at least open up a new world of thought.


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